World map in picture frame

The personal designed travel map is printed on canvas and fixed in a picture frame. This is a high quality wall decoration in your apartment. As usual, you can mark the countries of the different map design you can choose. Magnetic photos do not work for this products but you can glue the pictures. The canvas in protected behind the glas

The picture frame is available in different colors.

The world map is available in different designs with the countries borders, the countries with there names and flags. These travel maps can be designer in our product designer. If you are interested in other designs continents or specific countries we will create your map correspending to your wishes.

Design and order your personal travel map in our product designer


Personal Design

Title: You can choose your individual title the font, color and position as you like.

Quote: Which quote or memory do you link to your travels? We wil write it on you worldmap as you wish.

Logo: It is also possible to add a company logo, club logo or the logo of your insitiution to your map.

Picture/clip art: You want to add a heart for your lover, specific sights or something else on your map, share your imaginations with us and we will create you the map.


Find inspiration here




Different Map Designs

We offer different styles of world maps and also country maps. The world map to sign can be ordered with the normal world map, but also as names or with the flag. The names and flags are printed in bright grey as template to sign the names and flags in color. You can also order the maps already colored.

Find different designs here




Canvas only

There is also the possibility to order only the canvas so that you can decide how to use the travel map. You will receive the map in a tube. This is also a good possibility to take the map with you on your travels.

Canvas only is cheaper than the wooden frame and picture frame.

Find "canvas only" here

You need the suitable pencils to sign the map?

We tested different pencil producer to find the perfect pencil for you to sign the maps. The pencils covering consistensly and are available in different colors. And if a pencil is empty or you need further colors or thickness you reorder.

We offer three different thicknesses of pencils. For smaller countries and close to the borders we recommend the thinner pencils and for larger spaces we recommend the thicker pencils (thin 1,5 mm - middle 2,5 mm - thick 8 mm). Please find more information here.

If you need consultantcy, feel free to ask!