World map on canvasposter

You would like to have the world map on canvas and use it as poster? Then order the canvasposter. You can choose a size and give us information if you need additional space around the map to cut it. There is no border for your creativity.

The world map is available in different designs with the countries borders, the countries with there names and flags. These travel maps can be designer in our product designer. If you are interested in other designs continents or specific countries we will create your map correspending to your wishes.

Design and order your personal travel map in our product designer



You need the suitable pencils to sign the map?

We tested different pencil producer to find the perfect pencil for you to sign the maps. The pencils covering consistensly and are available in different colors. And if a pencil is empty or you need further colors or thickness you reorder.

We offer three different thicknesses of pencils. For smaller countries and close to the borders we recommend the thinner pencils and for larger spaces we recommend the thicker pencils (thin 1,5 mm - middle 2,5 mm - thick 8 mm). Please find more information here.

If you need consultantcy, feel free to ask!