The map for your travels

Sabatical, world trip, work&travel, study abroad, expert...? Take a travel map with you

How it works...

Before leaving you decide depended on your travel tour whether you order the whole world, a continent, spicific countries or a single country. You can design the map individually with title, quote... There are also the countries with flags or with states, e.g. in the USA.

The map will be shipped in our discoverer tube. This plastic tube fits in every luggage and due to the plastic you do not need to be scared about rain. For this map we recommend the smaller sizes.

You will meet a lot of people during your travel that makes the time uforgettable. These friends can sign on the travel map to keep them in memory! Back at home you can also add your favourite picture and put the map for your memories in a picture frame. This is a very unique and personal memory for your travel and you have it always in sight!

Design and order your personal travel map in our product designer


You need the suitable pencils to sign the map?

We tested different pencil producer to find the perfect pencil for you to sign the maps. The pencils covering consistensly and are available in different colors. And if a pencil is empty or you need further colors or thickness you reorder.

We offer three different thicknesses of pencils. For smaller countries and close to the borders we recommend the thinner pencils and for larger spaces we recommend the thicker pencils (thin 1,5 mm - middle 2,5 mm - thick 8 mm). Please find more information here.


If you need consultantcy, feel free to ask!