Mark your visited countries

Please find the perfect pencils and pins to mark your vivisited places on your personal travel map.

Place also your favourite fotos on your world map with our magnetic photos

You already designed your personal travel map. Now you need the equipment to mark places you visit. Scracht map is out, sign, mark and pin is "IN"! We tested several pencils and found the perfect pencil for you, in over 20 colours and four different magnitudes. You can pin places you have been add your most favourite photos of your travels with our magnatic photos, magnets are incuded. Your can order pencisl pins and magnetic photos in our shop.

Please find our different colours and magnitudes here.

We are also offering different sets of pencils. For the maps with the falgs, we offer the perfect set with twelve pencils to mark every flag in three different sizes. We also offer sets with six or eleven pencils of free choice of colour and magnitude. Please find here the recommendations of pencils to map designs and map sizes.

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